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That might sound strange, but in fact, it’s easy to forget what you’ve worked on over the years. Take a few minutes to read through your own CV and cover letter. Be ready to talk about everything that you mentioned, and think about how each point relates to the original job description. Even if you’re excited to work alone, you’ll still need to build up a support network. In a survey by Small Biz Trends, 20% said that loneliness was the biggest downside to working from home. So you’ll need to be proactive about staying in touch with friends, colleagues, and other remote workers.

Try using popular hashtags, like #remotejob, #Jobopening, #Recruting, etc., for more targeted results. Plus, you don’t need a sizeable LinkedIn following or thousands of connections to land a quality remote job. When applying for a job your resume and cover letter is the first impression the recruiter gets of you. We also offer multiple freelance writing positions on the business services section of our Gig Marketplace for you to check out.

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12 reasons why every college graduate must apply for virtual internships. Read it and find out how thousands of students gained invaluable benefits from the remote interning program and kick-start your career today. When applying for an entry-level position, you want to look coachable, enthusiastic, honest, and a hard worker. In some cases, excellent soft skills can even cover up some lack of work experience. The only consistent thing across virtual assistant jobs is that you’ll be helping someone from the comfort of your own home , which means good communication skills are essential. If you want a more stable full-time job, you’re generally better off applying through the job boards we reference below under each job type. This bit of your CV ought to be tailored to the role you’re applying for.

  • LGBTQ Remotely is a job board that helps democratize access to remote work opportunities for queers, transgenders, non-binary people, and allies interested in working fully remote.
  • This creates a big divide between the types of workers who can work remotely and those who can’t.
  • Your resume is one of the tickets to securing yourself a remote job.
  • There was a time when everyone worked under one roof, and it would take just a matter of seconds to approach your colleague’s desk and hash out a problem.

This includes catering for those who want to work fully remote and those that prefer hybrid working. Subsequently, this has led to the emergence of the ‘hub and spoke’ company model, which is likely to grow further. As remote working has grown in popularity, staff have been given greater flexibility in their distance working arrangements. This is increasing both staff job contentment and making employers more attractive to fresh talent when they need to recruit. Just a decade ago most employers would have frowned at the idea of their staff working from home. Yet, overnight lockdowns forced employers to get staff working from home, keep them safe and maintain businesses as usual.

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Whether you’re working remotely with other team members on a project or presenting something to a client or your boss, you must be able to articulate your thoughts clearly. It’s very important to have a good grasp of using PowerPoint, or any how to list remote work on resume other medium to present your ideas and work. Great communication can be the difference between a successful remote work experience and a frustrating one. You might think that this would be easy, but it can take some time to get used to it.

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